Magic with Light


Hire the Aurora Light Painters

What we can do for you

Light Painting portraits at your event

For years, Julian has been doing light painting portraits large scale events, such as Treasure Island Music Festival, parties, tech conventions, weddings and other events. If you want to view one of the best events ever, look here.

An interactive video installation

We can setup a stand alone interactive installation at your event. Moving lights and seeing them form an image in real time is an entrancing experience for the young and old alike. For conventions, events, or long-term installations, it doesn't get more fun and intriguing. To see some of the photographs people took of themselves and with their friends at TV of tomorrow, look here. Or look at the images from the Sea of Dreams new years party, 2012 -> 2013.

Portraits of the people at your company

Julian has been doing light painting portraits of the folks at top companies for many years. If you want fantastic magical portraits of those who make your company great, look here.


The Sprint light painting commercial (not done by us) was fantastic and helped introduce the world to light painting! We can make a new, entrancing style of commercial for you. We have worked with on projects like this in the past.

We can do combinations of stop motion and live light painting.


Millions of people saw us on Americas Got Talent. We are continually developing performances that are ideal for events of all types. Drop us a line and tell us what kind of a performance fits your needs.

Music Videos

If you want a music video that is different than the world has ever seen before, we can help. If you have a song, want us to help make a new kind of video, and there is a budget, we're eager to collaborate.