Magic with Light


Our Superstar Team

Julian Cash

Julian has been a Light Painting portrait photographer for 25+ years. Cash makes imaginative and striking portraits that draw you into the thoughts and dreams of the subject. He's shot for Rolling Stone, Ripley's Belive It Or Not, KQED, Treasure Island Music Festival, and many other companies, publications, and events. His book, The People of Burning Man, was an instant cult classic. Cash has taken photographs for magazines, newspapers, books, websites, t-shirts, music CD covers, calendars, lunchboxes, and advertising campaigns.

"If when the picture is being taken the subject is having a personal experience, that comes through in the photo," says Cash, "It is my job to set up the circumstances for that subject to have an experience. I like to encourage silliness and play especially."

Jackie Cash

Jackie Cash is an artist in her own right, a published illustrator, writer, and editor. Her favorite restaurant is Papaya King. Her current favorite actor is Misha Collins. Favorite writer: Daniel Pinkwater.

As a youngster, she was involved in Scouting for 10 years, first as a Bluebird, then a Brownie, then a Girl Scout, and eventually interned with Boy Scouts of America to encourage inner-city youth to join. Her commitment to her community led to service on both sides of the aisle - serving Senator Alphonse D'Amato and Jessie Jackson. She was 5 times elected President of the Excelsior Neighborhood Improvement Association.

One of the Cashes' most successful ventures was the cult classic book "The People of Burning Man" which was financed by the Burning Man community.


Eso is 60,000 words into writing her first novel, a Young Adult sci-fi about Olive Fowler, whose mother gets arrested for the "heresy" of teaching literacy. Eso trained in writing at CSSSA, and then in literature at the College of Creative Studies at UC Santa Barbara. Eso's education has led her to some modest training in illustration and acting, and her work in the Aurora Light Painters is the latest of her performance art projects. She is an instrumental part of the Meerkat Haunted Manor event and a Viceroy in the Cardboard Tube Fighting League. She is a trained Elf Agent in Santa's Little Secret Service and protects the Santacy from Grinches on His Jolliness' special day. She can also sometimes be seen sating her ravenous appetite for human flesh in the infamous EatBrains Zombie March.

Jett Atwood

Jeanette 'Jett' Atwood is a story and comic book artist currently living in San Francisco. A graduate of classical animation from Sheridan College, Jett has worked on a variety of projects from feature film to video games to animated comic books. Jett recognizes she is one of those rare individuals who grew up to do exactly what she says she wanted to do. She suspects this is a good thing, otherwise we'd have way too many cowboys and princesses. To see more of Jett's illustrations and animation, go to T.G.Studios

Lisa Eller

Lisa teaches 6th grade math and science at a fantastic K-8 public school in San Francisco. She is thrilled to be one of the founding members of the Aurora Light Painters where she does backgrounds and is the battery technician. When Lisa isn't busy teaching or playing with lights in dark rooms, she enjoys photography and other artistic endeavors, climbing at the local climbing gym, being out in nature, and singing in her church choir.

Ron Halbert

Ron Halbert blends his diverse education (Electrical Engineering, Television & Film and an MA in Communications) with his love of creating video art and environmental projections. Throughout his 25 year career as an AV Technical Director and Producer for a wide range of corporate, theatrical, and non-profit clients, he's honed his expertise while adding new innovations as technology has advanced. Aurora Light Painters offers the exciting challenge of pioneering a new art form with so much potential to reapply past experience and invent new techniques.

There is a temporal nature to Ron's designs because most of his work is done for live events. He has performed his creative work at various events and venues including Multi-Image Showcase, Monterey Jazz Festival, Grateful Dead concerts, ATT Ballpark, Black & White Ball, ArtPadSF, as well as numerous Burning Man & Black Rock Arts Foundation -related events.

Magicians behind the scenes


Warren is one of the world's best storytellers.


Gian is a tech whiz and continues to help us with critical tech issues.


Texas has been a natural performer and clown since she was ever so young. She advises on all things performance-related.

Michael Ross

Michael is one of the world's best light painters. He has made several of the light painting tools that we use. He continues to advise the group in many ways.


Starboy helped with some of the earliest pioneering of how to make beautiful images quickly.

Christina McKinstry

Christina was the mermaid in our earliest tests.

Jeremy Cole

Jeremy is an electronics and LED super guru!

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